The Technical Project Manager actively leads projects throughout the full lifecycle of creating commercially viable and sustainable web applications. This requires the Technical Project Manager to provide critical direction in the development of solutions by leading clients, directing team members, taking direction from team members, overseeing process, ensuring timely delivery of work, measuring project success, and supporting pre and post launch activities as directed. 

The C2 Group is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We support a flexible and remote work environment. Our preference for this position will be candidates located in Michigan allowing for occasional trips to Grand Rapids.

About C2:

The C2 Group builds, integrates, and delivers business-critical web solutions that get the most from technologies, tools, and teams. Our primary focuses include UX/UI design, web and application development, cloud hosting, and ongoing support.

Core Values:

  • Intentional – Intent drives how we engage our work and interact with others. Deliberate action, focus, willingness, empathy, and staying calm under pressure each exemplify being intentional. We seek to be purposeful in our actions and thoughtful in our delivery.
  • Enthusiastic – Enthusiasm shapes our actions while demonstrating knowledge, passion, and confidence. Our work requires maintaining a realistic and positive vision for the future. Whether it’s in service to team or task, we look to engage with a positive focus and energy.
  • Low Ego – Maintaining a low ego provides the right context for serving others. While we are all talented and unique contributors, we realize success is ultimately a team pursuit. We aspire to be accountable, receptive to feedback, and team-oriented.

Accountabilities of the Technical Project Manager:

Organize and Lead Project Team

  • Communicate with the project team to identify roadblocks or potential issues proactively, working to resolve or escalate issues to remove obstacles.
  • Provide, as required, day-to-day account management for the project, working directly with clients to prepare for and in support of CMS and web-based projects.
  • Maintain an excellent real-world understanding of content management systems, demonstrating knowledge of multiple systems, methodologies, and solution sets.

Lead All Planning and Prioritization Efforts

  • Work with the discovery team to compose the project brief.
  • Develop user stories for applicable groups within the client’s business, walking out real-world scenarios demonstrating how a given audience will navigate and use the solution. 
  • Exhibit understanding regarding the difference between site requirements for CMS users (internal to the client) and site users (the client’s target audience). 
  • Quickly understand a client’s business issues and information requirements and apply this understanding to aid in the creation of a web-based solution.
  • Engage the Client Solutions and Technical Solutions teams to assure that these requirements are understood and maintained, assuring that the client can achieve the necessary goal within a chosen technology.

Facilitate Client and Internal Meetings

  • Prepare structure of all client facing sessions reviewing deliverables. Set expectations and communicate agendas proactively.
  • Lead discovery sessions with clients to determine core goals and objectives for projects.
  • Prepare the project team for training sessions following standard preparation methods, including practice session.

Own Project Plan, Project Backlog, Measurement, and Artifacts

  • Support the creation of and own the execution against the project plan.
  • Direct a peer team of developers, designers, and functional personnel as the in-house authority regarding both the project plan and client’s business goals for a given web project.
  • Work with client personnel to identify required changes and process each through scope change or other project change processes as appropriate.

Serve as Client Advocate and Primary Contact

  • Develop relationships with client personnel that foster client ties.
  • Understand principles of web use, demonstrate ability to model user tasks and maintain overall advocacy for a client’s business goals.
  • Serve as the single best source for how a client’s business goals will be fulfilled with a given web technology.
  • Manage client expectations effectively.
  • Communicate effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions when necessary.
  • Conduct post-launch project reviews and complete a project case study/summary after post-launch support is complete.
  • Participate in project scoping and the sales process as directed.
  • Continually seek opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships.

Protect the Project Team and Remove Impediments

  • Work with clients to identify and then plan how to mitigate risks before they become threats to a given project.
  • Identifies key upcoming milestones, setting clear deadlines for client owned tasks.

Identify and Escalate Project Risks Before They Become Issues

  • Actively manages and reports on scope, mitigates issues before they cause creep or issues with a given account.
  • Ensures issues are identified, tracked, reported on and resolved in a timely manner.

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree specializing in business with a technical discipline or equivalent work experience.
  • Five (5) or more years of experience in a related field.